Parents and Guardians: We have school today Monday 11/22 and tomorrow Tuesday 11/23. Thanksgiving Holiday break begins on Wednesday 11/24 through Friday 11/26. They are regular school days. Happy Holidays! Mrs. Wallowing Bull
5 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
*************McNary Parents, Guardians and Staff********************* THERE WILL BE REGULAR SCHOOL ON MONDAY NOV. 22 AND TUEDAY NOV. 23, 2021. The holiday starts on Wednesday 11/24 through Friday 11/26, 2021. Thank you for your cooperation. ********Students and staff we shall see you on MONDAY! ************** Thank you Mrs. Wallowing Bull-Interim Principal-McNary School
8 days ago, Vanta Wallowingbull
ATTENTION: There will be no BASKETBALL games for both boys and girls, that is scheduled this Friday with TRS. It will be rescheduled for a later date, hopefully soon. We will send notices out when the time comes. Thank you for your understanding. Mrs. Wallowing Bull
10 days ago, Vanta Wallowingbull
Parents and Guardians: Please pick up your child's Lunch Meal at school today between 11:00am-12:30pm. Also if you have not picked up your child's homework packet do so. Continue to be safe. Thank you
10 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Parents and Guardians: We will be serving lunch and homework packets for McNary Students only! Today between 11:00am-12:30pm. It will be a drive thru pick up just like yesterday. Please stay safe. Thank you McNary Staff
11 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Parents and Guardians: Reminder there is NO SCHOOL this week Nov. 15-19, 2021. Do not forget to pick up your child's homework packets and meal today. Lunch meals will be a daily pick up between 11:00am to 12:30pm. Please stay safe. Thank you for your understanding. McNary Staff
12 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Good Evening Parents and Guardians: After careful consideration of COVID cases increasing in our community and school, there will be no school this week NOV. 15-19, 2021. This is a time for all to recuperate and heal. We ask that you keep check on your child's symptoms as the week progresses. Staff the same goes for you, we want all to return healthy. If any signs of sickness please go to IHS immediately. We will be sanitizing our school building all the classrooms and other facilities used. There will be limited staff on campus working. The Administration will be working to keep the school operating. Teachers will need to come in and prepare packets for the week for their students. Along with this lunch will be served and these items can be picked up through a drive thru service. The time will be between 11:30-1:00pm. Students on quarantine, parents and guardians you need to call the school and let them know so that a staff can drop off homework and lunch. There will be no basketball practice for both boys and girls teams. We are working together with IHS and getting this COVID under control. Thank you for your cooperation. If you should have any questions call the school tomorrow. We will help the best we can. Thank you, McNary Staff
13 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
McNary Parents, Guardian and staff: Due to the increase in COVID cases. We are working with IHS closely to help in monitoring and preventing further cases. We highly encourage all STAFF and students to stop by the school campus and get tested for COVID, just to be on the safe side. This will occur on Sunday November 14, 2021 at 1:00pm. It will be a drive-thru set up. Those who are in quarantine must follow the protocol and STAY HOME. We are trying to protect our children and community. Thank you for your cooperation and be safe and follow CDC guidelines in masking up, washing hands and sanitizing. A' SHOOG ! MCNARY STAFF
15 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
McNary Parents and Guardians: Please REMEMBER to pick up your students during their designated time of dismissal: K-2 is at 2pm. 3rd-8th is at 3pm. We are having to call parents and guardians and phone calls are not being answered. Please update your phone numbers with us if you have a new number. THANK YOU! Have a good afternoon!
18 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Parents and Guardians: There is no BASKETBALL PRACTICE this week for boys and girls 5th through 8th grades. There is no game tomorrow due to ALPINE calling a Forfeit, therefore our teams has it's first WIN! YAY! Players are required to return signed forms for the weekly Rapid testing for COVID-19. For the safety of our players and the other school's team. Thank you for your cooperation. If you should have any questions please call the school. McNary School
19 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Good Morning Parents and Guardians: If your child needs to be picked up please call the school at 928-334-2293 BEFORE 8AM! Thank you for your understanding. Don't forget to drop off your kids and pick them up at their scheduled time of dismissal. MASK UP and BE SAFE! We are in this together and we can overcome. Prayers for all. Mrs. Wallowing Bull
19 days ago, Vanta Wallowingbull
Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians: This message is for tomorrow. We will not have a bus run in the morning and afterschool, until further notice. Our only driver is out. Please drop your students off in the morning and pick them up afterschool. School starts at 8:00am sometime before so that they can get their breakfast. School dismissal are at 2 and 3pm. Grades K-2nd grades are dismissed at 2:00pm and 3rd-8th grades are out at 3:00pm. PLEASE help us in getting the message out to those that might not have received this message. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We will get through this together. Thank you Mrs. Wallowing Bull MCNARY SCHOOL
20 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
McNary Elementary School Governing Board Meeting November 3, 2021 In Room 304 AGENDA A. CALL TO ORDER (Caroline Moody) B. ROLL CALL (Perfillia Tessay) C. ADOPT AGENDA (Caroline Moody, Action) PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MOMENT OF SILENCE D. CALL TO PUBLIC (Caroline Moody) McNary School District welcomes public comment. As outlined in A.R.S 38-431.02, no action will be taken on items in Public Comment unless such items are found on the agenda below. Items raised in public comment may be directed to staff for review or may be placed on a future agenda. E. ADMINISTRATION REPORTS COMMENTS/REPORTS E.1 Principal Report-Vanta Wallowing Bull E.2 Business Manager Report-Jacqueline Lee E.3 Maintenance/Transportation Report-Jimmie Sanchez F. CONSENT AGENDA F.1 Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings: (Caroline Moody, Action) F.2 Approval of Expense and Payroll Vouchers: (Caroline Moody, Action) F.2a Jacqueline Lee Financial Report F.2b Resolution F.2c Yvette Yazzie-Cafeteria Update F.3 Approve Personnel Report: (Caroline Moody, Action) F.3a Hiring Certified/Support Staff: Leave of Absence; Resignations; Additional Staffing; Reclassifications; Terminations. F.4c Consent Agenda-2 Year Principal Mentoring Program-Vanta Wallowing Bull F.4 Approval of Additional Holiday F.4a Dates for approval November 12, 2021, November 24, 2021. G. UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Caroline Moody) H. NEW BUSINESS (Caroline Moody) H.1a Arizona Department of Education update on site visit H.2b School Marque update H.3c Chain of Command H.4d COVID Update-Perfillia Tessay H.5e Key control I. FUTURE MEETING/LOCATION (Caroline Moody, information) I.1a Regular Board Meeting-December 1, 2021
25 days ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Good Morning Parents and Guardians: Sorry for the late notice of the Awards Assembly that is happening this morning. You are invited to attend. The limit is 2 attendees per student. We will begin with K-2 grades at 9:00am, 3-5 grades at 9:45am, 6-8 grades at 10:15am . This will all take place in the multi-purpose room or cafeteria. Once again sorry for the late notice. Hope you can make it. Thank you
about 1 month ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
FALL BREAK! FALLL BREAK! FALL BREAK! FALL BREAK! PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: There will be no school next week. We are on Fall Break from Oct. 11-15,2021. Any questions call the school at (928)334-2293. Thank you, McNary Staff
about 2 months ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
Check out the School Board Agenda for tomorrow's meeting:
about 2 months ago, Evangeline Warwick
-Boys Basketball practice has started on September 27, 2021. -Cut will be made during the week of October 18, 2021. -Physicals must be completed before participating. -Time 3:00pm -4:30pm, Monday – Thursday. -Girls Basketball Try-out sign up will be posted on the library door. -Try out begin on Monday, October 4, 2021. -All plays must have on file the pool testing for COVID permission slip so that we know they are safe when they travel and return home.
about 2 months ago, Evangeline Warwick
Good Morning Parents Guardian and Community members: Today we will be having our Native American Day Program here at our school campus around 9am. There will be presenters and special guest speakers. You are welcome to attend, but keep in mind the COVID Guidelines of social distancing as much as possible and wear mask at all times. Thank you!
2 months ago, McNary Elementary School District #23
McNary and Hondah Community You are invited To a Community Testing And COVID 19 Vaccination Event at McNary School Friday, September 10, 2021 At 9:00am until 12:00 pm noon For more information Call 928-334-2293 Or checkout our webpage or Facebook Check out our flyer:
3 months ago, Evangeline Warwick
BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE FAMILIES AND THE COMMUNITIES! We have had a successful morning so far here on Campus with the COVID testing and vaccinations. It is not to late yet to stop by and get things done for yourselves and the children. Our goal is to do this for the children of the communities. We need to keep them SAFE! But thank you again to all who have participated and the staff of IHS for coming out here to McNary!!!!! THANK YOU :)
3 months ago, McNary Elementary School District #23