McNary Elementary School District. Superintendent Update.

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year. 

My name is Dr. Greg Fowler. I am the new superintendent and Principal at McNary Elementary School. I am so honored and excited to see where we go this year and the academic achievement we achieve. We are now a full STEM school from K-8. Students are working on coding, cyber security, animation, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Data Science, Drones, Engineering, Mobile development, and Robotics. These STEM offerings will prepare our students for todays world and job force. 

We had a 71% improvement across the board last year in academics. This year we are pushing for 150% growth in all areas of academia. We have added a reading specialist to work with students who need additional support along with 1-hour blocks in the afternoon to support any student who needs additional resource to be successful in any content area. 

Our sports programs will be off and running and we will represent our school and community to make this year and incredible championship year. 

Please take time and come by to see all the wonderful new additions we have made to McNary Elementary. We will meet you at the door and show you around. We are still accepting applications for all grade levels. 

Thank you for your time, 

Dr. Greg Fowler