Showing off our hard work

This school year McNary Elementary School has been using the Acellus Learning Curriculum for their core online learning. The program has allowed the students to work at their own pace with teacher guidance. Each week the teachers let the students know what their goal should be and then work with the students to achieve those goals. As students get stuck, teachers give personalized instruction to help students understand the concepts they are studying.

Beginning in December, some of our students have completed a full year’s worth of work in some of their classes. These students have then had the opportunity to reinforce skills and begin doing work in the next grade level. The school has not moved anyone into another class, but the teachers have been adjusting the work in Acellus to the next grade level. For example, if a student has completed first grade math, they are now working on skills that need practice and beginning to work in second grade math in Acellus. By doing this, the students will be introduced to new skills which will be reinforced during the next school year. The school has seen many students master skills that before may have been missed.

McNary has created a bulletin board where we can acknowledge the students who have been working hard to complete their school work. The school is proud of these students and looks forward to their success in the future.