Students started computer work last year

Students at McNary Elementary School have been working online since school started on August 10. Students have been provided with Chromebooks and hotspots to use at home for their learning. One of the benefits of working online is that students are able to progress at their own rate through the required material. Many of students have met the challenge of working daily and some have even completed a year’s worth of work already. As students progress through their assignments, they can move ahead if they are able and can even start the next grade when they are ready. “We have found that some of our students are ahead and trying new things,” says Mrs. Melisa Milan. “Through the program we have chosen, students can take courses like Spanish, Engineering, and even Music. We are able to provide opportunities that were not available before.”

At this time, McNary Elementary School will continue with virtual learning until Christmas break. A decision will be made in December as to whether to reopen school on an A/B schedule or continue with virtual instruction. The school will work closely with state and county health departments as well as White Mountain Tribe Emergency Operations Center to ensure that it is safe to bring students back.

Until then, students with special needs and students who need additional help will come to school as scheduled by their teachers. Students who come to school will work from 8:00 to 10:30 and then get their lunch before going home.