School Closures


When inclement weather hits the area and causes an accumulation of snow or ice, district personnel will evaluate road conditions with the following considerations:
  • Current weather conditions along with the short-term forecast.
  • Main Highway conditions.
  • County and town road conditions.
After considering the above conditions, a decision will be made to:
  • Hold school on the regular schedule.
  • Delay the start of school and bus pickups.
  • Cancel school for the day.
Once the decision is made to delay the start or cancel school, the following notices will be made:
  • A message will be placed on the telephone voicemail system.
  • A report made on the home page of this web site.
  • Announcements will be aired on the listed radio stations to the right >>

Once students are in school, the district is very hesitant to close early due to inclement weather, because so many parents may still be at work and no one may be home to care for these young children. Parents may want to consider making emergency arrangements for childcare in the case of school delay, closure, or early dismissal. Those parents wanting to pick-up their children early due to the weather are encouraged to do so. The safety of our students and staff is paramount in making weather-related decisions.

Please feel free to contact 
Melisa Milan, Principal, at 334-2294 ext. 1101
if you have any questions relative to these procedures.